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Friday July 27,2001


Next, this Ken outfit was handed out to each conventioneer by the table hosts.  It was a club gift designed especially for the convention by the Fashion Doll Collector's Club - Great Lakes Chapter, the sponsoring club of the Queen of the Prom convention.  I thought this was WAY cool!! Notice the recreated Vintage packaging!

Chris Varaste gave me this autographed photo from his 40th Anniversary Ken article in Barbie Bazaar magazine.  He also gave the photo to some of the other table guests.  Each picture was different, making this a one-of-a-kind item! Thanks Chris!

Melissa Cohen from Mattel's Marketing Department introduced Barbie and Ken models sporting recreations of the original swimsuits during her presentation.  Melissa's presentation included the Ken doll commercials that spanned from 1961 to present.

After the Ken commercial presentation, the Barbie and Ken models were reintroduced in 40th Anniversary costumes.  There were mobbed again by photographers.  They remained on the stage for the Mattel Barbie Collectibles raffle.

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