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The Original Traveling Ken

Trip to the Zoo!

Melbourne, Australia

"Well I've arrived in Melbourne Australia!  Jen gave me a toy Koala dressed as a swagman (a tramp) and a backpack.  I've had an Aussie barbeque and tried some of the local food.  Just what is vegemite made from anyway?

We went to the zoo and saw lots of Australian and exotic animals.  Most of the Aussie animals look like they have been made up from all the bits mother nature had leftover!  I bought some souvenirs, a toy snake and a toy platypus - an aquatic mammal that lays eggs!!  Here are the photos of my trip so far."  -Traveling Ken

"Traveling KenŽ" is now staying in Australia with Jennifer.  Traveling KenŽ, or "TK" will be hand delivered to me at the National Barbie Convention 2001 from a friend of Jennifer's.  His next adventure will take place there.  After the convention the first of August 2001, TK is expressing interest in visiting Stan in Canada, and Stan has agreed!

Here I am having a bush barbie.  Er, that's barbeque not BarbieŽ doll!!

I tried vegemite (an acquired taste) and pavlova, a dessert made of meringue in honour of Anna Pavlova the ballerina.

Here I am outside the Melbourne Zoo. The animals get up close and personal here! (Sumatran Tiger)
So where are the Aussie animals?  Aaaagh! Something's got my feet! This is the rare Australian eleroo.  Just kidding!  (Asiatic Elephant)
Wallabys are smaller cousins of the Kangaroo. At last!  A real Koala.
Gee, the chickens sure grow big here.  I'll just wait behind this handbag.  Are they gone yet? (Australian Pelicans) They just grow everything big in Australia.  (Emu)
Well almost everything!  (Pygmy monitor lizard) Fearless Traveling Ken! Don't worry folks it's not real.  (Life size Monitor lizard statue)
It' so hot in the tropical butterfly house the lens on Jen's camera fogged up! I said fogged up, not frogged up. (Tree Frog)

The Original Traveling Ken Melbourne, Australia Part 2