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Trip to Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Journal Entry 9-6-01:  I had quite a whirlwind flight! When I was shipped off from Cedar Rapids shortly after the Barbie Convention (still wearing my tux on the plane!).  I accidentally boarded the wrong flight and ended up in Japan! But I was there long enough to meet Jenny and a couple of her friends. Thankfully, after straightening out my flight arrangements at Mattel Air, my travels were back on track.  I met my host for this length of my journey, Stan Chan -Traveling Ken

In Japan, I met Jenny and a few of her friends. And Russel Crowe.
When I finally got to Canada, I was invited to be lead singer of this band!
Then I met a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman. Time for some evening entertainment.
My night out in Edmonton over looking the city.
Oops, guess I didn't see the sign.

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