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This is a complete listing of every Steven® made from 1985 until the present.  I will include Name, Model # (M#), Box Date (BD) and Hair Color (HC).  I am adding Clothing (C) and Accessory (A) descriptions as well.
Highlighted boxes are the Steven® dolls I keep.

A Brief History of Steven®

STVSteven.jpg (9429 bytes) When the "Rocker™" band disbanded, it looked as though Ken® would be losing friend Derek®, his fellow band member .  When Derek® left the Barbie® arena in 1987, Mattel certainly wasn't going to leave Ken® friendless.   In 1988 a new African American (AA) male character, Steven® was introduced.  The character of Steven®, by general popular assumptions, is paired with Christie®, as boyfriend and girlfriend.   Surprisingly, Steven® has never been marketed as Christie®'s boyfriend, but as a "friend of Barbie®".  He has never been marketed as Ken®'s "buddy" either; like Ken's first friend in the early '60's, Allan®.   In 1988, Steven® looked similar to another Barbie® friend.  On store shelves at the same time was the African American version of  Perfume Giving Ken®, who was sporting a brand new African American Ken® head mold referred to as the "1987 Black Ken®".  Ken®'s was "disguised" with a thin moustache and Bent arms, while the newly created character, Steven®, was without the moustache and PTR arms. The hair and face paint are identical.  Mattel had decided to use the same mold for Ken® and Steven®, at the same time.  This would become commonplace in their relationship with each other. 

Ken®'s previous AA friends, Brad® (1970) and Curtis® (1975) shared the same mold, but understandably, it was not used on the first AA version of Ken®, which hit the market in 1982.  In fact, the rooted hair mold for 1982's Sunsational Malibu Ken®  was used only once.  1983 brought a new molded hair head mold for Crystal Ken®,  with five versions following, ending with Jewel Secrets in 1987.  With the introduction of yet another AA mold in 1988 for Ken®, Steven® was created to utilize it as well.  Which brings us to the point of Steven® really never having a distinct personality from the beginning.  It's a reality that continues to haunt him to present.  In 1997 Steven®'s head mold changes.  He will borrow his look from Jamal™, who was part of the "Shani™" line from 1992-1993.  This change is represented in the Splash 'n Color version.  When Steven®'s head mold changes in 1997 to the Jamal™ head mold, so would the AA Ken®'s, used first on the Big Brother Ken® & Baby Brother Tommy™ Gift Set.

Steven®'s legacy, as time will tell, may very well be "the doll who only wears a swim suit".   He may also be remembered as the "guy who never had his own identity".   Whatever the case, he has never branched out from the Barbie® swim line.  This is disappointing because Steven® has so much more to offer, if only given the chance.  Proof of his success however, is shown in two ways.  One, is his longevity with Ken®.  The friendship they have shared since Steven®'s introduction, has not been surpassed by any other.  Why? The answer may lie in Steven®'s second success of  life.  Simply put; he's wildly popular with that unassuming smile.   "Clothes do not make the man", and Steven® has proven to live up to the quote. With a large collector base, which in turn dress him for success, his return to store shelves seems inevitable year after year.  My hope for Steven®, is to see his character branch out from the swim line as "Steven®", not Steven® impersonating AA Ken®.

Excitingly in 2001, Steven finally appears on his own in the European market.  Concert Date Steven is available in Sweden.  This doll was only available as Concert Date Ken AA domestically.  Skate Date Steven™ was also available later in Germany.  Domestically, only a Skate Date Ken AA was available.  More info at this link:  EUROPEAN EDITION STEVEN™ DOLLS!

Pop Quiz: With Ken® gone in 2005, which of the remaining beach dolls has had the longest uninterrupted run in the beach line?

Pop Quiz Answer:  With Ken and Skipper gone, Christie obviously has been in the swim line for the longest amount of time, not counting Barbie of course.  But Christie's run was interrupted twice.  She was briefly replaced by an African American version of Barbie in the 1980's, and by Shani in the 1990's.  Lea is a recent edition to the line, Summer and Blaine are newbies,  and Francie, P.J., and Jazzie are all long gone.  That leaves Teresa and Steven, who were both introduced in the 1988 Island Fun line.  So is it a tie?  Nope.  Teresa was missing from the swim line a few years ago when Mattel felt that the line couldn't accommodate both Teresa and Kira.  That makes Steven the winner with the longest, uninterrupted run in the beach line:  18 years and counting.



Island Fun Steven

M#:   4093  BD:  1987  HC:  Painted Brunette  C:  Hot pink multi-color Hawaiian print swim trunks.  Multi-color net lei around neck.  A:  None.  NOTE:  Like Island Fun Ken,   legs may develop lighter color blotches or streaks and stickiness.


Beach Blast Steven

M#:  3251  BD:  1988  HC:  Painted Brunette  C:   Pieced jam length yellow, hot pink with black trim swim trunks, with "B" appliqué on right side.  A:  Hot pink boom box.  Aqua color visor and flying disc.


Wet 'n Wild Steven

M#:  4137  BD:  1989  HC:  Painted Brunette  C:   Pieced orange, aqua and yellow swim trunks.  Aqua crop top s/l.  A:   None.  NOTE:  Swim trunks color-change in water.


Hawaiian Fun Steven

M#:  5945  BD:  1990  HC:  Painted Brunette  C:   Multi-color print yellow, orange, hot pink and lilac swim trunks.   Orange crop top with palm tree appliqué s/l.  A:  Aqua boom box.   Yellow visor.  Orange flying disc.


Sun Sensation Steven

M#:  1396  BD:  1991  HC:  Painted Brunette  C:   Orange swim trunks.  Silver net crop shirt s/s.  A:  None.


Glitter Beach Steven

M#:  4918  BD:  1992  HC:  Painted Black  C:   Multi-color print aqua with orange/navy/lime green and glitter swim trunks.  Neon lime green crop top with prismatic trim s/l.  Neon orange miniature surfer on silver string around neck.  A:  None.


Sun Jewel Steven

M#:  10959  BD:  1993  HC:  Painted Black  C:   Pieced orange with black and lime (sides) and prismatic appliqué swim trunks.  A:  Sheet of green stick on jewels.


Tropical Splash Steven

M#:  12452  BD:  1994  HC:   Painted Black  C:  Floral print pieced black backed with gold, hot pink and green swim trunks.  Green towel across right shoulder.  A:  Eye dropper size flower fragrance bottle with "Barbie" sticker.  NOTE:  Swim trunks and towel color vary.


Sparkle Beach Steven

M#:  14353  BD:  1995   HC:  Painted Black  C:  Pieced lime (back) and green/holographic foil dot print swim trunks (front).  A:  Child-sized prismatic silver bracelet.  


"Magical hair disappears in warm water!"

Splash 'n Color Steven

M#:  16175  BD:  1996   HC:  Painted Two Tone Black/Brown.  C:  Purple with metallic gold mesh (on sides) swim trunks.  A:   None.  NOTE:  Variations to the box text placement (most notably the name "Steven" printed on the left upper hand corner) and the omission of the purple strings with gold beads at waist on the swim trunks may be due to a Second Edition made for KB Toys.


Pearl Beach Steven

M#:  18581  BD:  1997 HC:  Painted Black   C:  Green spandex jam length swim trunks with black pearl trim and black button.  A:  Faux green pearl child-sized color change ring.


Florida Vacation Steven

M#:  20497  BD:  1998   HC:  Painted Black  C:  Royal Blue with lime green stitched swim trunks and lime green tie at waist.  Black sunglasses attached to right hand.   A:  None.


Butterfly Art Steven

M#:  22996  BD:  1998  HC:  Painted Black   C:  Blue denim cut-off shorts.  Greenish yellow mesh tank top.   Multi-color "friendship" necklace and bracelet.  Gray sunglasses attached to right hand.  A:  Two sheets of temporary tattoos.  Instruction sheet.  NOTE:  Steven has a blue and yellow butterfly tattoo above right pectoral.


Hawaii Steven (First Edition)

M#:  24620  BD:  1999   HC:  Painted Black  C:  Yellow with multi-color floral print swim trunks with white string at waist.  Tortoise shell color sunglasses in right hand.   A:  None.  NOTE:  Two Editions available. The Second Edition has a different box back and includes a $1 off Fashion Avenue coupon.


Hawaii Steven (Second Edition)

M#:  24620  BD:  1999   HC:  Painted Black  C:  Same as First Edition.  A:  Same as First Edition.   NOTE:  Two Editions available. The Second Edition has a different box back and includes a $1 off Fashion Avenue coupon.


Surf City Steven

M#:  28423  BD:  2000   HC:  Painted Black  C:  Pieced royal blue and orange swim trunks with yellow ribbon on sides and yellow string at waist.  A:  Cardboard "Surf City" royal blue/orange/ yellow surfboard.


Palm Beach Steven

M#:  53463  BD:  2001  HC: Painted Black.  C:  Jam length medium periwinkle/orange floral print swim trunks with orange waist band and cuffs.  White string attached at waist.  A:  Sheet of cardboard punch-outs ( 2 magazines, lotion bottle, boom box and beach ball).  White/hot pink/medium blue cardboard towel.


Concert Date Steven (E)

M#:  53963  BD:  2001  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  C:  Navy pants with cuff.  Pieced light green/medium shirt with circle appliqué "87-63 K-B" l/s.  Black lace-up shoes with new thicker sole.  Two goldenrod/yellow chipboard "tickets" attached to left hand.  Black plastic binoculars attached to right hand.  A:  Chipboard flower bouquet.  Chipboard concert "program".  NOTE: Available in Sweden, UK.  Domestically, this doll was only available as Concert Date Ken AA.  The first Steven™ doll to be sold in Sweden, it is unclear whether it was available elsewhere in Europe except for the UK.  This is the first Steven™ doll with rooted hair and a costume other than swimwear.  For more info:  EUROPEAN EDITION STEVEN™ DOLLS!


Rio de Janeiro Steven

M#:  56885  BD:  2002  HC:  Painted Black.  C:  Pieced orange (yoke) with orange, red, white, green and yellow print jam length swim trunks.  Light gray (clear) sunglasses attached to left hand.  A:  Chipboard dull orange with light orange, green, brick red and yellow design "Steven®" skim board.

Skate Date Steven (Sweden)

M#:    BD:    HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:   NOTE: Available in Sweden.  Domestically, this doll was only available as Skate Date Ken AA.  The second Steven™ doll to be sold in Sweden, it is unclear whether it was available in the rest of Europe.  This is the second Steven™ doll with rooted hair and a costume other than swimwear.  For more info:  EUROPEAN EDITION STEVEN™ DOLLS!


Cali Girl Steven

M#:  G4803  BD:  2003  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  Light blue with navy white stripe sides jam-length swim trunks with medium blue thread tie (at waist).  White mesh tank top with white/navy flower appliqué (bottom right).  Camel and white beads with cream stone necklace.  Silver sunglasses (on head).  "Steven" wrist tag.


Cali Guy Steven

M#:  G8668  BD:  2004  HC:  Rooted Brunette/Brown (curly).  C:  Silver jam-length swim trunks with silver thread tie (at waist).  Navy/white surf-style stretch top w/wave design (chest) and "CALIFORNIA" (left side).  Clear blue sunglasses (on head).  A:  Chipboard white/navy/yellow/gray surfboard.  White plastic with sticker suntan lotion bottle.  NOTE:  Doll is scented like suntan lotion.


Cali Guy Steven (Second Edition)

M#:  G8668  BD:  2004  HC:  Rooted Brunette/Brown (curly).  C:  Same as above.  A:  Same as above.  NOTE:  Doll is scented like suntan lotion.  First Edition doll box is clear plastic on all sides with flower shape holes on the right and left sides.  Second Edition doll has a cardboard panel on the left and back side, and the holes on the right side are now circle shaped.


Beach Fun Steven

M#:  J0704  BD:  2005  HC:  Rooted Brunette/Brown.  C:  Pieced light turquoise/iridescent light blue, purple, navy design jam-length swim trunks.  Heather gray t-shirt s/s with darker gray "Surf" appliqué.  Clear aqua sunglasses (on head).  A:  Bronze plastic sun tan lotion bottle with sticker, attached to chipboard card.


"The beach is even cooler with fun, friends, and fashion! Steven loves hanging with buddy Ken who is trying to teach Steven to surf!"

Beach Glam Steven

M#:  K8388  BD:  2006  HC:  Rooted Brunette.  C:  Bright yellow board-length swim trunks with front cargo pocket.  Light blue t-shirt with light orange ringer and aqua/orange/white/yellow surfboard design appliqué.  A:  None.


Surf's-Up Beach Steven

M#:  L9549  BD:  2007 HC:  Rooted Brunette.  Aqua color swim trunks with lime green/white ribbon detail down side left leg.  Lime green/aqua/blue/yellow/white floral print woven shirt s/s.  String and clear blue bead bracelet (attached to right wrist).  Clear blue glasses (attached to left hand).  A:  None.


"I dig a super hot day with killer waves and hangin' out with all my buddies!"

Beach Party Steven

M#:  N4947  BD:  2008 HC:  Painted Dark Brown.  C:  Orange color swim trunks w/ pieced orange/hot pink/lime/white color print panel (left leg) and yellow tie string attached to waist.  Orange/yellow knit tie-dye s/l t-shirt.  Orange clear sunglasses (attached to right hand).  A:  None.


Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Doll

M#:  R4204  BD:  2009 HC:  Painted Black.  C:  White w/ navy/gray/turquoise print color swim trunks.  White w/ turquoise/navy/blue design s/l t-shirt with turquoise stitch trim.  A:  None.  NOTE:  The Steven trademark name is not used for this doll.

Picture Bath Play Fun! Steven

M#:  T7189  BD:  2010  HC:  Painted Brunette.  C:  Multi-color design print hot pink/white/green/lime green/black jam length swim trunks.  Green with mutli-color hot pink/white/lime green/black design print towel (attached across right shoulder).  A:  None.

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