Convention Coverage coming soon!


I'm back from attending the convention again this year from July13-17 in Boston.  Below is a picture of just one of my favorite moments of the convention! YOWZA!!!!!!

Updates and more pictures coming soon...

PICTURED BELOW:  A special moment with the Oktoberfest model.

I am excited to unveil a second edition exclusive "Keeping Ken" KenŽ doll I designed for my table guests again this year.  It is the second in a series of KenŽ dolls, leading up to KenŽ doll's 50th Anniversary.  The thought process behind the designs are nostalgic modern updates.  More info on the doll soon!

My recap of the events of the "We Are Family" National BarbieŽ Convention 2004 (August 4-7 in Rosemont, IL) is STILL in progress.  SORRY FOR THE DELAYS!  Check below for event updates, and on the  link.